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School Canopies are the ideal solution for providing students with shelter

If you are looking to create a covered area to keep students dry then a carport can offer an ideal shelter in terrible weather conditions. The carport allows a great public area for students to enjoy, or can offer shelter for students when raining if they are waiting for transport home.

By fitting a school canopy into your school it allows you to create an additional outdoor area for you to teach students, even in the winter months so you can create a greater range of interactive learning. Also at Southwest Conservatories we know there has to be an even greater attention to safety, so we make all our canopies out of strong and durable materials so to make certain that it poses no risk to any of the pupils.

School Canopies offer a safe and sheltered area for students to enjoy.


If you are wishing to get a school canopies give us a call for a quote, and we will come look at the site and perform a survey to check if the location is suitable.

Lean To Carports

"School Canopies create an amazing sheltered outdoor area for pupils."

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