Free Standing Carports

  • Freestanding Carport
  • Durable Aluminium Structure
  • British Made
  • Apex Roof Design

Free Standing Carports require no additional load bearing wall.

Free standing carports are an incredible way of keeping your vehicle out of bad weather conditions, and provide an amazing adaptability in where you put the canopy as there is no need to have a supporting wall, which is required with other carports. Our freestanding carports are made out of Aluminium so can stand the test of time, as well as being sturdy in rough weather conditions.

The freestanding carport uses an apex roof design so the water will simply flow down off the roof, and not onto your vehicle. Also by using a freestanding carport you can keep your car out of the sun, so even on a hot day you can keep your car cool.

With a free standing carport you can also use the canopy to create a garden shelter, perfect for if you are wishing to hold a barbecue or other social event in your garden during the summer. By using the freestanding carport as a garden shelter you can also find that the area can be used in the winter months to allow you to enjoy the outdoors while keeping sheltered and out of the bad weather conditions.

We provide wind resistant designs to give you extra peace of mind.


Freestanding Carports offer a flexible yet durable solution for anyone looking to protect their vehicle from bad weather.

Free standing Carports

"Freestanding carports offer an incredible strength and practicality."

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