Car Ports

Discover an alternative way to store your car, without the need for a garage. Carports from Canopies Southwest are an innovative storage solution for those looking to save space and cash, without compromising on protecting your vehicle.

Garages can be costly in terms of space and money; carports are a cost-effective and spatially efficient option for those who want a less generic parking space.

Each carport is designed and tailor-made for the individual customer’s needs and can be constructed without the help of a builder. Whether as an extension for your home or part of a commercial outbuilding, carports are a versatile alternative to a permanent garage. As well as being attached to an existing building, carports can be standalone structures, so your vehicle will be protected from the weather no matter where it’s parked.

Carports are used for both domestic and commercial purposes and come in a range of styles and sizes to suit your build and accommodate different vehicles. 

Choose from a selection of materials to fit your taste and logistical requirements. At Canopies Southwest, carports are available in metal, timber and PVC - whichever look and function you need from your carport, there are plenty of options available. Opt for a solid roof, or let some light in with a plastic or glass cover.

Carports can be used for purposes other than storing vehicles; they are also great for patio coverage, so you can enjoy being outdoors whatever the weather, or used as a shelter for outdoor pot plants.

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