Cantilever Carports

  • Nationwide Installation
  • Range of Colours
  • British Made
  • Uses UV Filter

Cantilever Carports only need your property for structural support.

Cantilever carports offer an amazing system to keep your car protected in harsh weather. Cantilever carports are made of hand laminated Glass Reinforced Polyester, which can be tailored to your specific requirements and can be made in a variety of different colours. The cantilever carport is designed to redirect any water on top of the canopy into your current guttering system, so any rainwater is removed.

Cantilevers can be adjusted for your bespoke needs where you can have special projections, moulded-in cutouts, and individual beam load requirements. Also to make the carport more aesthetically pleasing the roof sheet fixings cannot be seen underneath the canopy, which creates a more professional looking structure. With the range of different options we can provide it allows us here at Canopies Southwest to offer a range of different products that are made-to-measure.

Cantilever Carports offer a great dry area for vehicles when space isn't abundant.


Cantilever carports can help make the most of minimal space, where there is no room to add additional supports, such as where you are restricted by the property next door.

Cantilever Carports

"Cantilever Carports offer a flexible carport that can be made with you in mind."

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